Lt Cdr Edward 'Butch' O'Hare

Butch O'Hare Chicago Chapter - IPMS-USA

Modeling in Germany

This is my first article, and a wordsmith I'm not, but here goes. As many of you know, I spend a lot of time in Germany.

I'm a member of the Augsburg Plastic Modelers Club and get a chance to attend one of the premier model shows each March. The show is held at the Schleissheim Aviation Museum facility. The facility is the German version of our Air Force Museum in Dayton.

A brief history of Schleissheim air field: It was used during WWII and was taken over by the U.S.A.A.C. and then by the U.S. Army as the aviation operations headquarters for the Munich headquarters, and was in use until the forces draw down in Europe.

The show is held in the museum display area among the displays, which in itself is unique.The modelers have unlimited access to themuseum and all the facilities, and are treated royally by the museum staff. There is also a large vendor and swap meet area. I spent too many Euros there, but thatʼs a story for another day.

My main area of interest is 1/32 scale aircraft and 1/35 scale soft skins, so the article's primary focus is on this scale. I'm familiar with the quality of our models and wanted to compare the quality of workmanship in Germany. I was not disappointed in both the quality and quantity of the display models.

I've attached photographs of varied subjects for you to enjoy. I have also found that modelers are the same worldwide. Though separated by language, MODELING IS MODELING.

I'll be back for the July meeting, so if there are any questions save them till then.