Lt Cdr Edward 'Butch' O'Hare

Butch O'Hare Chicago Chapter - IPMS-USA

28th Annual Contest-Special Awards

28th Annual IPMS Butch O’Hare-Open Model Contest

November 13, 2010


Special Awards:


1.      Best in Show-Richard Romanick-“French Warship”


2.      Best Use of Creativity in Modeling Award-Jeff Merker-“Creatures from the Black Lagoon”

      In Memory of Dennis Soderstrom


3.      People's Choice Award-Jeff Merker-“Creatures from the Black Lagoon”


4.      Edward "Butch" O'Hare Award-Darren Herde-“CH 46 Sea Knight

Sponsored by LaGrange Hobby Center


5.      George S. Patton Award-Dave Manter-“M1132 Stryker ESV”


6.      Silver Wings Award-Kevin Stover-“QF 104”


7.      Best Aircraft-Kevin Stover-QF 104”


8.      Best Armor-Chuck Aleshire-“Nashorn”

Sponsored by Joe Kozak


9.      Best Nautical-Richard Romaniak-“French Warship”


10. Best Automotive-Ian Dow-“Lotus 25”


11. Best Figure-Pete Janaovic-“Aboriginal Elder”


12. Best Sci Fi/Fantasy/Comic-Jeff Marker-“Creatures from the Black Lagoon”


13. Best Diorama-Michael Gosda- “Shark Haven”


14. Best Junior-Mike Bruno-“Tiger I”

Sponsored by IPMS Lakes Region


15. Best WWI Aircraft-David Fussichen-“Neuport 128”

Sponsored by Cross & Cockade Club


16. Best Century Jet-Kevin Stover-“QF 104”

Sponsored by Omer Houston


17. Best Club Display-Amps Chicagoland


Medallions Awarded:

37 Gold,   74 Silver,   96 Bronze and totaling 207 Medallion awards.


Exhibits in Competion:

363 entries from 118 Competitors




Club Tables:

Thanks to the following clubs that provided members’ Display Models and participated in the event:


·        Cross and Cockade Club

·        IPMS Sprue Stretchers

·        IPMS Lakes Region

·        Lake Michigan Model Car Club

·        AMPS Chicagoland


Our Sponsors:

Thanks to our Sponsors who gave money or merchandise that helped to fund this event.


LaGrange Hobby Center              Joe Kozak                Omer Houston        Cross and Cockade Club


IPMS Lakes Region                                   Hobby Trax Hobbies                     Revell Corporation           


Paul Milam Models                         Lake Michigan Model Car Club              Evergreen Scale Models


Kalmbach Publishing-Fine Scale Modeler Magazine                       Aves Studio            


Osprey Publishing                         Two Bobs Aviation Graphics



Special Thanks:    

To all the O’Hare Club Members who came out Friday Night for Show-Set Up and stayed late on Saturday for the breakdown and clean up after the event.  A tip of the hat to the following:



Marco Fernandez and his family



Bill Soppett, Don Scatena and Mike Smeltzer



Joe Kozak and Ray Balc


Trader Coordination:

Paul Milam


Door Security:

Mike Ferguson and Bob Lehner and others.


Entry and Cash Box:

Don Smith and Matt Gray


Tally Team:

Cathy and John Wendt


Award Announcers:

Rich Bingham and Ron Carlson

Judging Teams:

To the many Judges, your time and objective evaluation efforts are much appreciated along with that of Head Judge-Ron Thorne and Head Judge Emeritus-Keith Ward.

(Note to you all: your handwriting leaves much to be desired though)


The Contest Committee: Don Smith, Marco Fernandez, Bill Soppett, Paul Milam, Don Scatena and John Wendt.


The O’Hare Officers: Steve Day, Ron Carlson, Don Smith and Hector Colon.


Last Word:

The officers and members of IPMS Butch O’Hare Chapter should be very proud of their teamwork and for hosting an event that succeeded dramatically.  Our entry count was nearly 100 exhibits greater than the average of the last 10 years (260).  Five local clubs plus our members put up displays of at least another hundred more models not in direct competition-and they were just as interesting and well done as the competition exhibits.  The number of new entrant-faces and the very high quality of the competition is a reflection of the level of interest this event receives.  We had modelers from Michigan, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin join us.  The Raffle seems to have been a great success and thanks again to all the O’Hare members who donated and/or bought raffle tickets.  The Trader Room was completely sold out and it was very busy which recognizes the importance that modelers and the vendors place on this event.  The prices were fair too.


Finally, thanks again to all the unnamed O’Hare members who volunteered their time this weekend, donated model kits from their stash or bought more kits at our auction fundraiser in September.  I have to also say that many, many past O’Hare members were in the house Saturday and I’d like to see them all come back around and visit us more often.  Also, several people not connected to any club commented on the openness and friendliness of the O’Hare members and other participants generally and how different that is from other contests they’ve been out to. 


Speaking for myself, I have to say…Well Done and Thanks! …IPMS Butch O’Hare Chapter 


John Wendt